Blackburn Buccaneer: The Last British Bomber
(Individual Aircraft Histories)
This website was last updated:- 20th February 2015
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Dedicated to the Blackburn & General Aircraft of Brough (East Yorkshire)
design B.103 - The

This website was originally conceived as a personal reference for myself. It has been enlarged to encompass more detail for anyone wishing to study the history of particular aircraft during their service life and those wishing to model specific aircraft in greater detail (like myself) rather than a 'generic model'. — Recent Additions are listed below, plus the 'Contents Page' now highlights Forthcoming Articles soon to be available.

This site currently includes:

— 193 Individual known histories, covering every 'Buccaneer' from NA.39 Prototype to the last S.Mk.2B Buccaneer delivered to the Royal Air Force.

— Over 200 individual full colour profile schemes of Buccaneers during their service life at a given date in their history, from the 'First Flight' in 1958, through Royal Navy service, to the Royal Air Force and their final retirement with the Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1995 (Verified wherever possible from photographic records).

— Precise information regarding over 110 external payload and airframe layout configurations plus corresponding example aircraft, their colour scheme and historical date recorded, during 37 years of operational service of the 'Buccaneer'.

— Buccaneer Squadron service - with both Royal Navy and Royal Air Force - plus Aircraft Carrier 'Tours-of-Duty' with the Buccaneer, from 1963 to 1978.

— Additional detail; modelling information; links to other sites; references and further reading.

New Additions include:
Squadron service (update) — HMS Eagle (1964-66): areas of cruise for 800 NAS Buccaneer S.Mk.1

Previous Additions include:
Reference Library (update) — Britain at War Magazine Jan.2011 - Blackburn-Buccaneer, Britain's last bomber
Airframe History (update) — XK486: Crash notes and crash site photos
Airframe History (update) — XN952, XK526, XX893, XT280
Blackburn B.103 - Flight Test Crews (correction) — Edgar Solman
Buccaneer Haunts (correction) — No.14 MU Carlisle
Model News - Latest! — Release Date for 2 new 'CMR Models' Buccaneers
Reference Library (update) — Aircraft Magazine Jan.2011 - Gulf War I, 20 years on, 'Desert Pirates'
URL Links Page (updated)

I hope you find this as beneficial to your research as I have done during the construction of this website. Revisions and corrections will remain an ongoing part of this website to ensure wherever possible total accuracy.

Any additional historical information will be very much appreciated

Regards Andy

All profile artwork is the copyright property of the author
"All Rights Reserved" - Copyright © Andy White 2004 - 2015
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